Nikki Haley Says Dylann Roof ‘Hijacked’ Confederate Flag: Was Seen As ‘Service, Sacrifice, Heritage’ Symbol Before Shooting


Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, appeared to claim that mass shooter Dylann Roof “hijacked” the Confederate flag, and that it was seen as “service, and sacrifice, and heritage” before the 2015 Charleston Church Shooting, during an interview with the Blaze’s Glenn Beck this week.

Media Matters researcher Jason Campbell posted a clip from the interview on Twitter Friday.

Recalling her decision as South Carolina governor to remove the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State House following the shooting, Haley said, “South Carolina fell to her knees when this happened. This is one of the oldest African-American churches. These twelve people were amazing people, they love their church, they love their family, they love their community.”

“And here is this guy that comes out with this manifesto, holding the Confederate flag, and had just hijacked everything that people thought of,” she proclaimed. “We don’t have hateful people in South Carolina. There’s always the small minority that’s always gonna be there, but, you know, people saw it as service, and sacrifice, and heritage, but once he did that there was no way to overcome it, and the national media came in in droves.”

“They wanted to define what happened. They wanted to make this about racism, they wanted to make it about gun control, they wanted to make it about death penalty, and I really pushed off the national media and said there will be a time and place where we talk about this, but it is not now, we will get through the funerals, we’re gonna respect them, and then we will have that conversation,” Haley concluded. “And we had a really tough few weeks of debate, but we didn’t have riots we had vigils. We didn’t have protests, we had hugs, and the people of South Carolina stepped up and showed the world what it looks like to show grace and strength in the eyes of tragedy.”

Watch above via the Blaze.

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