Nixon White House Counsel John Dean: ‘Evil’ Trump Makes Watergate ‘Seem Like a Brief Idyllic Daydream’


John Dean, former President Richard Nixon‘s White House counsel, ripped President Donald Trump on Sunday, calling him “evil” and comparing his administration to the “long nightmare” of Watergate.

“Trump’s is making the long nightmare of Nixon’s Watergate seem like a brief idyllic daydream,” Dean tweeted Sunday. “History will treat Nixon’s moral failures as relatively less troubling than Trump’s sustained and growing decadence, deviousness and self-delusive behavior.”

“Nixon=corrupt; Trump=evil,” he added.

That tweet from Dean followed another in which he reacted to comments from Trump warning of violence if Republicans lose in the midterms.

“Trump’s promise of violence if the GOP loses the midterms is pure demagoguery at its worst,” Dean tweeted. “Unfortunately, he’ll only get worse as 2020 approaches. His growing desperation will sink him lower and lower. He will say anything, anytime he thinks it will help him (his only interest!)”

Dean, who became a key witness in the Watergate scandal, has been sharply critical of President Trump. In September, Dean called Trump’s demand that the New York Times reveal who from his administration wrote the anonymous op-ed “frighteningly dictatorial.”

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