comScore Florida Doc Says People Who Are Vaccinated Don't Die in ICU.

‘People Who Are Vaccinated Don’t Die’: Florida ICU Doctor Says Most Covid Deaths He Sees Are Younger, Unvaccinated

Deaths from Covid in Florida have been trending younger, Fox 13 in Tampa reports, in part because the older population is more likely to get vaccinated.

“You can’t describe how horrifying it is to see a 35-year-old person, or 24-year-old mother gasping for breath,” Dr. John Sinnott told Tampa reporter Evan Axelbank on Friday.

“A lot of them have no underlying conditions. Often the ones that die have an underlying condition, but many of the seriously ill ones do not,” said Sinnott, who is a doctor in Tampa General Hospital’s ICU.

Florida, its residents and visitors, and its Republican governor have been under fire from the press over the duration of the Covid pandemic, even as deaths and infections and scandal have rocked bluer states like New York. The big retirement state had a large portion of population considered among the most at-risk, but the trend now is toward people who simply haven’t taken the vaccine.

The age group Dr. Sinnott singles out for unvaccinated adults dying from the coronavirus are those around 50 years old.

“Since the pandemic started, those 45 to 64 made up 15% of deaths in Florida. But in the last month, they made up 22%,” reports Axelbank.

In the on air report, Axelbank says Dr. Sinnott “has yet to have a patient who has been vaccinated pass away.”

In a tweet about the interview, he adds Dr. Sinnott’s direct, striking quote: “People who are vaccinated don’t die.”

That’s a pretty compelling argument.

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