Rand Paul Mocks Trump’s Wall in Festivus Tweetstorm: Found One ‘On Sale’, We Can Open ‘Back Up Now’


Sen. Rand Paul got in the Festivus spirit on Sunday when he decided to air his grievances with the people of Washington DC, including President Donald Trump, POTUS’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and Trump’s spiky border barrier.

No doubt sitting beside an unadorned aluminum pole while pecking away at his keyboard — or perhaps a prototype of one of Trump’s spikes —  Paul started off his annual social media grievance airing with this message: “You’ll be surprised to learn I have some grievances with people in Washington, fellow members and others. It’s time to talk about them now, because it’s the holiday season.”

Then, he listed his grievances:

On President Donald Trump:

and this:

And on Jared Kushner:

He also took on Trump’s wall with his own rendition.

Then, after chiding Congress, he put his kidding aside to note that Congress can work together to get things done.

Finally, Paul ended with this: “So everyone enjoy your feats of strength today. Air your grievances here or in your home. But remember, thanks to Donald Trump we are ALL saying Merry Christmas this year — so repeat after me: MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone even the haters and losers.”

Read the full Festivus tweetstorm here.

[image via Twitter]

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