Rep. Steve Cohen Slams ‘Wacko’ Trump for Foreign Dirt Claim: ‘Ralph Kramden Ought to Send Him’ to the Moon


Rep. Steve Cohen was clearly upset with President Donald Trump’s admission during an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that he is open to getting dirt from foreign operatives on his 2020 opponents.

Trump also said during the same interview that he would not necessarily feel the need to notify the FBI of such contact.

CNN host Don Lemon started the ball rolling on the Trump talk late Wednesday by asking the Congressman what he would do if he were “approached with that kind of information by a foreign entity.”

Cohen said he would notify the FBI.

“Unquestionably you’d call the FBI and you’d report it and anybody would do that when they’ve have seen the trouble — A.) They know the law that has been reported and B.) They see potential jeopardy that Trump’s put himself in by welcoming this information,” Cohen said.

The Chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties then added that Trump coming out openly and saying that he would take the intel is “basically admitting, yeah, I took it and there’s nothing wrong with it.”

Cohen further speculated that Trump would then try to explain away his actions by saying all members of Congress do oppo research when in reality no member of Congress has likely been offered up oppo research by a foreign entity.

“He’s so wacko,” Cohen fumed. “Last week, it was go to Mars and forget the Moon. A month ago, it was go to the Moon.”

Then the Congressman said this, referencing the classic television show The Honeymooners: “He ought to go to the moon. Ralph Kramden ought to send him and not Audrey Meadows [the actress who played Alice].”

“It sounds like you’re really upset by this,” Lemon replied before noting getting dirt from foreign entities was not the same as oppo research, a common political practice.

“There’s no question. That’s ridiculous,” Cohen said. “I think he’s trying to confuse Americans. That’s what he’s been doing ever since he was born.”

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