‘Reprehensible’: J.D. Vance Blasted With His Own Anti-Trump Remarks in Brutal Attack Ad Set to Air on Fox News


Two PACs backing Josh Mandel in Ohio, Club for Growth Action and USA Freedom Fund, have coordinated on new attack ads in the state against Hillbilly Elegy author J.D. Vance for past comments criticizing Donald Trump, reportedly dropping close to a million dollars into the buy.

The Club for Growth ad plays quotes from Vance referring to himself as “Never Trump” and saying he “can’t stomach” the ex-president.

“On Twitter, Vance called Trump, quote, reprehensible, an idiot, and Vance loves Mitt Romney,” says the voice-over narration as past Vance tweets are shown on screen with his insults at Trump highlighted dramatically.

Vance has been running toward Trump for months, and previously deleted tweets like those in the video, scrubbing his anti-Trump past in his bid for a Senate seat in Ohio.

Politico reports that both PACs spent about $470k on their ads, and both “feature a screenshot of a Vance tweet from October 2016, in which he wrote “My god what an idiot” about Trump.

“The ads will play back those comments to viewers watching NFL and NCAA games in the Cincinnati television market, with a smaller buy on Fox News and a corresponding radio spot,” Politico adds.

Watch the Club for Growth ad above, via Twitter.

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