Russian State Media Slams John McCain After his Death

The Kremlin-backed Russian state media slammed Sen. John McCain shortly after his death.

Steve Rosenberg, the Moscow correspondent for BBC tweeted out about the attack, writing: “No tribute from Russian state tv, as it reports the death of John McCain: ‘He was an implacable opponent of Russia, who supported even tougher sanctions…'”

RT, which is run by the Kremlin also bashed McCain writing, “In his 36 years of service in Congress, McCain had acquired a reputation as a maverick Republican who was not shy about throwing American troops in harm’s way. Over the years, McCain advocated for military intervention in a number of countries including Bosnia, Kosovo, Georgia, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, and Mali.”

The same RT article, titled “‘Patriot or warmonger?’ McCain’s track record comes under public scrutiny” also featured this tweet by Pizzagate conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich:

RT, however, did post a separate article listing politicians’ praise for the senator, who passed away after a battle with brain cancer on Saturday.

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