Seth Meyers on Wall Showdown: We are in a ‘Crisis Because Trump Made Up Something Dumb’

On Wednesday, Seth Meyers explained why he thinks President Donald Trump makes stuff up about the wall.

According to the Late Night host, Trump thinks he can say whatever he wants because it has always been to him a “ridiculous” notion that he never thought would actually get built.

After playing a montage of Trump shouting out different prices for wall and comparing him to a “rich guy” yelling from the Price is Right audience who obviously doesn’t know how much things cost, Meyers gave this explanation for Trump’s changing descriptions and prices for the wall:

“Trump just made stuff up the top off his head because the wall was a ridiculous thing he never thought he’d actually have to build.”

He further stressed the Republican-controlled Congress never gave him the money over the last two years to  actually build the wall because “it was obviously insane.”

Meyers added that now Trump — desperate to get his wall — is throwing out everything he said on the campaign trail about the wall in an effort to get it built.

He then concluded: “We are in a self-inflicted political crisis right now because Trump made up something dumb, didn’t think it through and backed himself into a corner.”

Watch above, via NBC

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