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Steve King Jokes About Muslims Being Abused, Forced to Eat Pork in China: ‘Everyone Should Eat Pork’

Congressman Steve King (R-IA) seemed to make light of Muslim women being abused in China during held a press gathering he held on Tuesday.

While speaking about China’s latest efforts to implement a social credit system, the congressman eventually diverted to talk about how the country treats Muslims. As he noted that a “million” Muslims are being put into camps, having their children taken away and the women undergoing forced sterilization, King eventually chuckled after he had this to say about how Muslims are being forced to adopt a Chinese diet:

“They want them to put on Chinese clothing and eat Chinese diet, which includes trying to force the Muslims to eat pork. That’s actually the only part of that that I agree with. Everybody ought to eat pork. if you have a shortage of bacon, you can’t be happy.”

Pork, of course, is strictly forbidden in the Islamic religion.

King’s comments come less than two weeks since he suggested that the planet would be largely depopulated if not for the rape and incest that occurred throughout the history of mankind. Those remarks drew massive outrage at the time, with condemnation coming from King’s own party as well.

Watch above.

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