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Trade War of Words: Canada Calls Trump Adviser Comments ‘Ad Hominem’, Not ‘Appropriate’

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland spoke with reporters Sunday regarding the rhetoric from Trump administration advisers Larry Kudlow and Pete Navarro, who spent the morning savaging Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the morning talk shows.

Specifically, Freeland was responding to comments by Navarro, who said on Fox News Sunday that there is a “special place in hell” for the Canadian Prime Minister, whom he accused of stabbing Trump in the back. He also called Trudeau “weak” and ‘dishonest”, echoing the President’s own words.

Economic adviser Kudlow likewise accused Trudeau of stabbing Trump in the back and called Trudeau’s speech after the summit, in which he promised “retaliatory” tariffs, a “sophomoric political stunt” and “double cross.”

In her own remarks, Freeland doubled down on Trudeau’s promise.

“As the Prime Minister and I said on the day that the U.S. announced its illegal and unjustified imposition of tariffs against our steel and aluminum industries, the government of Canada is absolutely committed to standing strong, to defending our workers and our industry, and our retaliatory tariffs will come into effect – perfectly reciprocal, perfectly measured, a dollar for dollar response – on July 1st. Which is Canada Day. Perhaps not inappropriately.”

So is this what a trade war looks like, yet?

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