Trump Abruptly Leaves Coronavirus EO Signing After Facing Onslaught of Questions: ‘Is This Political Theater?’

President Donald Trump abruptly left his Saturday press conference after reporters grilled him on the executive orders he had signed that would bypass Congress, and false statements he made regarding assistance for veterans.

“When will this relief get in the hands of Americans that need it? What date?,” a press pool reporter asked Trump. He responded, “We think it’s going to be rapid, we wanted to be very rapid. It will be distributed in a way, whichever the fastest way, there are various methods. It will be rapidly distributed.”

The reporter continued adding, ” You are expecting legal challenges with this —”

“I didn’t say that,” Trump said interrupter her. “What I said is, people can do whatever they want. I guess maybe they will bring legal actions or maybe they won’t but they won’t win.”
The reporter followed up, “If Legal action is brought against you, why not just work with Congress on this deal?”

CBS correspondent Paula Reid called out the president for a false statement he made regarding a VA executive action resulting in Trump leaving the conference with applause from his supporters.

“Why do you keep saying that you passed Veterans Choice? It was passed in 2014. But it was a false statement, sir.”

Trump called on another reporter but Reid continued questioning him, prompting the President’s abrupt exit.

“Thank you very much, everybody,” Trump eventually concluded as he walked away from the podium.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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