Trump Fired Up About Immigration in Fox & Friends Interview: ‘The Whole System is Corrupt’

On Thursday morning, Fox & Friends aired Brian Kilmeade‘s one-on-one interview with Donald Trump, and naturally, immigration and the wall were a top issue. The President had a lot of adjectives, and none of them kind, for our system of immigration.

In the clip, Kilmeade and the President are discussing the lottery and chain migration at first, which is “terrible”, “a disaster”, and ridiculous.”

Well, a lottery is ridiculous, you know. I mean, they take people from the lottery where you can imagine these countries are not putting their finest in that lottery, so I don’t like the lottery. Chain migration is a disaster, and you look at what’s going on where somebody comes in who’s bad and yet they’ll have 23 members of a family, not one of them do you want in this country. So chain migration is terrible, the lottery is terrible, we certainly would like to have it end.

Then they move on to the backlog in immigration courts, which is where the President really seemed to be fired up, and where the rest of the adjectives come in, including “crazy,” “ridiculous,” “horrible,” and even “corrupt.”

Kilmeade: You are a victim of your success in one way, you have so many cases, you have a 700,000 case backload, you have judges that think they have to wait two years to see all their cases. You need more judges. How close is that? Your sister’s a judge. She knows how tough that is…

Trump: Maybe I’ll have to put her at the border.

Kilmeade: Why not?

Trump: Again, think of it. We’re the only country, essentially, that has judges, they want to hire thousands of judges.

Kilmeade: Yes.

Trump: Other countries have – it’s called security people. People that stand there and say you can’t come in. We have thousands of judges and there will be thousands of more judges. The whole system is corrupt; it’s horrible.

So yes, you need thousands of judges based on this crazy system. Who ever heard of a system where you put people though trials. Where do these judges come from? You know a judge is a very special person. How do you hire thousands of people to be a judge? So it’s ridiculous. We’re going to change the system; we had no choice — for the good of our country.

The topic of the President’s criticism of American institutions has come up more than once in the last few days. In fact, Joe Scarborough was discussing that on MSNBC while this interview was airing on Fox. Natural immigration courts and the immigration system as a whole were no exception here.

It’s getting hard to find an American institution that the current administration won’t describe as corrupt.

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