Trump Speaks Amid Kavanaugh Chaos: I Think It’s Really Working Out ‘Very Well’


President Donald Trump is at the United Nations today but obviously has been confronted several times with questions about Brett Kavanaugh, the allegations against him, and the nominating process. A short time ago he answered another such question, in the wake of new allegations conveyed by Michael Avenatti, who is also attorney for Stormy Daniels, alleging “gang rape parties.”

“They can do it to anybody what they are doing, and it’s really, really sad,” said the President.

He attacked Avenatti specifically, without using his name, saying “if you look at this lawyer that just came out. He’s a low-life. He represented Democrats. Nobody talks about that. He’s a Democrat lawyer. Not a very good one but he’s a Democrat lawyer.”

“So it’s a horrible con game. I think the people are finding it out and hopefully over the next couple of days it will be settled up and solved and we will have a Supreme Court justice who will go down as one of our greatest ever,” he said. He continued to praise Kavanaugh. “Hopefully he’s going to be there for a long time. He’s a young man and he’ll be there for a long time, and I’ll be very proud of him just as I’m very proud of Justice Neil Gorsuch.”

Trump, amazingly, said that the whole thing is going “very well.’

“I think it’s really working out very well, I really do. I think it’s doing well,” he said. “I think people are seeing what a disgrace these Democrat Senators are when they come out with statements like that, when they don’t even talk about it and then after the hearings are completely over, they come out with what they come out with. It’s a disgrace what’s going on. The good news is the public is very smart and they get it.”

Another reporter then said “But do you think the women are lying, are all three women lying?”

Trump said to someone else, “what’s your next question?”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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