comScore Trump Supporters Criticize #MeToo: Women Should ‘Cross Their Legs, Quit Acting Like They Want Something’

Trump Supporters Criticize #MeToo: Women Should ‘Cross Their Legs, Quit Acting Like They Want Something’

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump traveled to Erie, Pennsylvania to hold yet another MAGA rally.

Rebel HQ, a show on progressive network The Young Turks, showed up too and interviewed Trump supporters about their views on the recent Brett Kavanaugh proceeding and the #HimToo hashtag.

The #HimToo movement is, according to Vox, an “online movement spreading myths about false rape allegations” that gained social media steam during the Kavanaugh proceedings, and reporter Emma Vigeland asked supporters their thoughts.

They had some strong opinions on the matter.

Asked what she thought about the counterpunch to the #MeToo movement, one female Trump supporter wearing an ‘Adorably Deplorable’ shirt said she “absolutely” supports #HimToo.

“I have four sons and five brothers,” the woman said. “So I want our men protected.”

Another man wearing a red Trump hat agreed that the accusations made against men were a “total leftist thing.”

“The women, half of them, I am not saying all of them but there’s some of them that are paid,” he began.

Then after admitting some have been abused, the same man stressed the talk about #MeToo and allegations are really just things Democrats like to say.

The most shocking remarks, though, came from still another female Trump supporter who suggested that the real issue was women’s inability to keep their legs crossed and buttoned up.

“I have said it for a long time, women should button their blouse, cross their legs, and quit acting like they want something and then they won’t get it,” the woman wearing a v-neck blouse said.

She then suggested the women assaulted by Harvey Weinstein “knew what they were doing.”

Watch more Trump supporter responses above, via Rebel HQ

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