‘Unpatriotic, Demented, and Disgraceful’: Pompeo Sparks Blistering Backlash By Promising Transition to 2nd Trump Term


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo horrified political observers by promising the second term of President Donald Trump after the president’s loss to President-Elect Joe Biden.

In a Tuesday press conference, Pompeo was asked what is State Department doing to prepare a transition of power to Biden’s upcoming administration. Pompeo’s answer: “There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.”

The presser went on with Pompeo facing questions of whether Trump’s refusal to concede discredits the State Department’s efforts to urge foreign nations to hold free and fair elections and honor the results. Pompeo answered by snapping at the reporter for the “ridiculous” question.

Trump and his allies continue to mount their legal challenges against the 2020 results, but have yet to produce any evidence for their claim that the election was corrupted by rampant voter fraud. In the meantime, multiple foreign leaders have accepted the results, and they’ve reached out to Biden in order to discuss America’s relationship with the world once he is sworn into office.

Pompeo’s remarks drew instant notice among political circles, and whether he was making a flippant remark or being serious, the top U.S. diplomat is being torn apart for his seeming disrespect to the election results.

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