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WATCH: Fake Russian Soldiers Guard the Remains of Trump’s Hollywood Star

Fake Russian soldiers were spotted guarding the remains of President Donald Trump‘s busted up Hollywood Walk of Fame star this week.

The two ‘soldiers’ are just some of the revolving cast of characters seen at the star since its destruction via pickaxe on Wednesday.

According to the Daily Mail, the guards first appeared shortly after the star’s destruction and stayed there in olive, Russian-style garb despite the intense California heat.

Jimmy Kimmel also featured images of the men on his show.

Adam Best, founder of The Left, likewise tweeted out an image of the faux guards on Saturday, writing, “A fitting metaphor for how Russia continues to protect this President and his party with hacking and other efforts.”

Others have also caught the guards in the act in their post in front of Forever 21.

In addition to the guards, other characters have flocked to the destroyed star, including stars and stripes Trump supporters who got into a brawl with counter-protesters on Thursday.

Yet, according to TMZ, despite the fact Trump’s star has now been the subject to a pickaxe attack twice and has become a magnet for protesters and supporters, it will stay put and restored.

Watch more above, via Jimmy Kimmel Live

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