comScore Lack of Nevada Caucus Volunteers Spark Iowa Redux Concerns

Will Nevada Escape Iowa Curse? Dems Report Lack of Volunteers, But Caucus Continues as Bernie Storms Ahead

As the Nevada Democratic caucuses get underway, reporting of process concerns sparked fears that the silver state could experience a similar fate to the Iowa caucus fiasco.

Democratic officials insist everything is on track, however, as Bernie Sanders storms ahead in early vote counts.

Late on Friday, Politico’s Laura Barron-Lopez reported that the Democratic National Committee and officials from several 2020 campaigns expressed worries about how the Nevada caucus was being handled. The Nevada Democratic Party insisted they will have final results by the end of Saturday, but multiple campaigns were skeptical that the results will be calculated that fast — and they’re asking for more transparency about the process’s machinations.

From Barrón-López’s report:

Concerns linger as some volunteers say they haven’t received hands-on training with the iPads the party purchased to help tabulate results. Other volunteers are worried about executing the caucus’ new voting alignment system, which includes the extra complication of adding early-vote totals to day-of results — a step that even Iowa, with all its problems, didn’t have to deal with.

Barrón-López also heard from Nevada Democrats who said they held “rigorous training” sessions with more than 1,400 volunteers ahead of the caucus. However, she followed up her initial story by reporting on Twitter that “multiple Democrats, campaigns on the ground” claim “there is a shortage of volunteers at caucus sites.”

She also reported that representatives of campaigns were being asked “to act as precinct chairs” because the volunteer deficit was statewide.

CBS News reporter Ed O’Keefe seemed to corroborate the news when he reported on a number of “isolated” delays in the Nevada caucus. He also noted that some Democrats might use “the disorganization and potential chaos and disruption” to dispute the final results.

Still, Barrón-López ended up elaborating later on that “there isn’t a shortage at every site,” and it’s “difficult to say at this point what impact it has or if it will translate to any real delay.”

Barrón-López also obtained a statement from Nevada Democrats communications director Molly Forgey:

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