Poll: 90% of Native Americans Aren’t Bothered by Washington Redskins Name

redskinsA new poll from The Washington Post finds that a whopping 90 percent of Native Americans have no objection to the Washington Redskins football team’s nickname, while only 9 percent find the name offensive.

73 percent of those polled say they didn’t find the term “Redskin” offensive to Native Americans at all. 80 percent said that they wouldn’t even be offended if a non-Native American called them a Redskin to their face. 91 percent said they were “not at all” or “not too much” bothered by the use of Native American imagery in sports.

The results line up with the last exclusively Native American poll taken on the issue in 2004, which also found that 90 percent were not offended by the Redskins name. But that poll, put out by Annenberg Public Policy Center, was criticized for possible flaws in its question wording and methodology.

Polling Native Americans is notoriously difficult, due to their low population size and the high number of Massachusetts Senators non-Natives Americans who incorrectly believe they have Indian ancestry. To answer those concerns, The Washington Post ran a second piece explaining their methodology. Among other things, they asked respondents about their tribal affinity, whether they lived on a reservation, and only polled those who primarily identify as Native American when also given the chance to identify with another race.

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