‘Anchor Mom’ Megyn Kelly Returns To Work At Fox News On Monday

Afternoons just haven’t been the same since Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly left to go on maternity leave (sure, it’s a decent reason to be off), but fear not, America: Anchor Mom is back. Fox tells us Kelly will be back in her usual spot at the center of America Live at 1 p.m. Monday–though she won’t make any promises about not being a touch tired.

USA Weekend caught up with Kelly, whose daughter Yardley is now four months old (and big brother Yates is nearly two), as she prepared to go back to work. “Nobody really tells you that maternity leave, especially the first couple of weeks, may not be all joy and bliss,” says Kelly, who adds that her son was easier than her new daughter. “It may be really damn hard.”

Kelly’s been keeping up with the news–and had some thoughts about the saga of disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner:

“(Weiner) sent me a nice note after Yardley was born. I feel sorry for his family. His wife doesn’t deserve this. I have been in the position, not with my current marriage, where I’ve been betrayed. In the beginning, the instinct is very powerful to hang on.”

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