Another Former NY Post Employee Files Lawsuit Alleging Racism

NY POST GEESE.JPGLast month, former New York Post associate editor Sandra Guzman filed a doozy of a harassment lawsuit against the paper, charging everything from racial insensitivity to prejudiced hiring practices to rampant sexism and corruption. Her firing, she claimed, was due to her skin color and stemmed directly from her reaction to a political cartoon that she took issue with, which portrayed the stimulus bill as a dead monkey.

Now, the cartoon is playing a central role in a second lawsuit, filed by former Post employee¬†Austin Fenner, a black reporter, who alleges that he was the victim of “Jim Crow”-style segregation and faced open hostility in the newsroom.

While not quite as explosive as Guzman’s anecdote-filled diatribe against the accused cesspool of anti-progress, Fenner supplies quite a few legal daggers of his own, claiming that he was indeed fired because of his skin color and reaction to the cartoon, while also alleging racially motivated humiliation and work obstacles. The suit also says that Fenner was “openly cursed at.”

A spokesperson from the Post told the Huffington Post that the claims were “totally false and the claims of discrimination completely baseless.”

In legalese, Fenner is claiming “discriminatory treatment, harassment and/or unlawful retaliation” specifically against metro editor Michelle Gotthelf and assignment editor Daniel Greenfied, using the same legal counsel as Ms. Guzman.

The Post has some ‘splainin’ to do. The full text of the lawsuit is below:

Austin Fenner, Ex-NY Post Employee, Sues The Paper, Charges Racism [Huffington Post]

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