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Another Paterson Aide Has History Of Domestic Violence

Lest all the Eric Massa hullabaloo has distracted you from the fact that David Paterson has some major problems of his own, yesterday’s story about a second “close and personal” aide to the governor having some prior issues with women should be a great wake-up call. Two weeks ago, The New York Times released three separate damning articles, including two about aide David W. Johnson who was described as “omnipresent” in the governor’s circle, and has had three separate altercations with women, two of which lead to police calls. And if you thought Johnson was just a misogynistic fluke, wait till you meet Paterson’s Special Assistant Clemmie L. Harris.

Harris, a former state trooper, exited his role in law enforcement in early retirement after only 10 years on the force, with the official reason being an undiagnosed mental illness. This was after an incident in 1995 when police responded to a call from Harris’ girlfriend’s house, saying that the state employee was making her “nervous.” And that’s who our current New York governor is taking his cues from.

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