Antonin Scalia Accepts Michele Bachmann’s Invitation To Speak To House’s Tea Party Caucus

Justice Antonin Scalia, a man who knows his pizza, is now courting controversy by accepting Representative Michele Bachmann‘s invitation to speak to the House’s Tea Party Caucus about the constitution, specifically on the topic of “Separation of Powers.”

Addressing concerns that, by accepting, Scalia is essentially suggesting that “an alliance between the conservative members of the court and the conservative members of Congress,” as one law professor phrased it to The Los Angeles Times, Bachmann’s people pointed out that the event, while organized by the Tea Party Caucus, is nonpartisan and open to Democrats and Republicans alike.

The decision has prompted some to suggest that, perhaps, such an event would be less likely to draw criticism were it not organized by one particular group or party.

Says the LAT: “The Supreme Court and Congress operate as independent branches of government, but since President Obama’s election two years ago, the two seemingly have grown more entangled.”

Former Scalia clerk M. Edward Whelan, now president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, defended the Justice’s decision by saying that, as he sees, “schedule permitting, Scalia would be happy to speak on the same topic to any similar group of members of Congress who invited him.”

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