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Bergdahl Reportedly Had History of Wandering Away from Army Bases

When Bowe Bergdahl wandered away from a U.S. Army base in Afghanistan in 2009, it wasn’t the first time he’d done it: new reports unearthed by the New York Times reveal that this was the third time Bergdahl had wandered away from his Army assignments, complicating the issue of whether Bergdahl actually intended to desert from the military or just had an unfortunate case of wanderlust.

According to the 35-page report compiled two months after his disappearance, Bergdahl had wandered away from his outposts twice before: the first time during a stint in a California training range, and the second time at a remote outpost in Afghanistan. In interviews with members of his units, the Army concluded that in California, Bergdahl had snuck out of the base “either to see how far he could go or to see a sunrise or sunset.”

While the report corroborates many of the details of the current Bergdahl narrative — he left behind all of his equipment save for a compass, knives and water; he shipped his laptop and journal home before disappearing, etc — the Times notes that the infamous letter expressing his disillusionment with the military does not appear in the classified document. There is also no mention of Bergdahl attempting to find English speakers in order to join up with the Taliban.

The Pentagon declined to comment on the classified document.

[Image via United States Army]

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