BusinessWeek Covers 80 Years Of Dollars And Developments


BW FRugality Oct 20, 2008-thumb-550x733-7346BusinessWeek started publishing in 1929. Its covers have had many variations over the years, including, most notably, the many years when it ran a Business Indicator thermometer along the side. Thanks to current BW art director Andrew Horton, we’ve got a distinguished collection of covers.

Below, feast your eyes on 80 years of business cover glory. And for a look at 10 great current BusinessWeek covers, check out this feature at SPD.

Now, a sampling of the magazine’s greatest hits through the years — from 1929 to 2009:

10325_152699372667_75782447667_2615723_3994530_n1929: Notice that the magazine is called The Business Week.

10325_152699377667_75782447667_2615724_4066780_n1929: This was back in the day when the publishing company had its name big on the cover.

10325_152699382667_75782447667_2615725_6730858_n1933: Note the Business Indicator thermometer on the left side. The text is a riff on the current economic situation. And dig that giant colon after week!

10325_152699397667_75782447667_2615726_7816313_n1935: “The” has been dropped from the logo.

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