Charlie Sheen’s ‘Master Plan’ Was To ‘Hijack’ The Oscars Claims Today Show Booker

Perhaps you heard that troubled Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen did some media interviews last week? Now NBC booking producer Katie Distler’s revealing the work that went into landing the Sheen interview for TODAY, which turned into a weeklong saga and a Friday night hour-long special on Dateline. “Love or hate the coverage,” Distler says, “the entire nation has been captivated by Sheen.” No argument there.

Distler describes trying to convince Sheen to do the NBC interview, and hearing that he’d already agreed to sit down with ABC. Why ABC? It turns out the interview was all part of Sheen “master plan:”

Charlie said this was business – all part of his “master plan” to “hijack the Oscars.” In order to do that, he said, he had to appear on the network that HAD the Oscars: ABC.

Hijack the Oscars? Distler says convincing Sheen to talk to NBC–which he ultimately did, repeatedly–involved talking him out of his plans to take over the ABC broadcast of the Academy Awards (which, on reflection, might’ve benefitted from Sheen’s invasion and takeover). Distler says after spending hours with Sheen, she’s convinced of one thing: he means what he says. “Watching Charlie laugh at himself, I realized this is truly a man with a plan – as crazy as he may come off during these interviews – he knows exactly what he’s doing.”

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