Chicago Rapper and White House Guest Says Trump Will Take America Back to ‘Slave Days’

1thumbRepublican presidential nominee Donald Trump is ostensibly reaching out to the African-American community these days, and in a new interview with Newsweek, at least part of that community is reaching back. Chicago rapper, actor, and White House invitee Common doesn’t seem to be persuaded by Trump’s newfound concern for black voters, if this interview is any indication:

“America wouldn’t be taking a step back… we’d be taking 12 steps back [if Trump becomes president],” the Chicago-born musician and activist tells Newsweek. “It would be returning to some of the mentality of racism we’ve seen in the mid-Sixties, in the civil rights era. It would be returning to some of the actual racism that existed in slave days.”

Common also told the magazine that he’s #WithHer, and that the country is ready for a woman president:

“My hopes and beliefs are that Hillary Clinton can be elected. I feel like having a woman as president is needed at this point,” says Common. “Let’s bring new energy into it. Our president [Barack Obama] has already done the best he can at getting the country going in the right direction. If Hillary can continue that movement and make things better for the country… that’s my hope. I’m speaking up for Hillary because we can’t allow Trump to get into office. That’s not acceptable.”

Amid criticism from cultural conservatives, Common performed at the White House in May of 2011.

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