CNN’s Cuomo Rips Anonymous Op-Ed Writer: Where Were They All This Time?

Following the publication of a New York Times op-ed penned by an anonymous White House official claiming to be part of an internal resistance against President Donald Trump, the public has struggled with whether to label the writer a crusader or a conspirator.

However, in a Thursday night monologue, CNN’s Chris Cuomo didn’t offer much praise for the staffer responsible.

“Are they a hero? I don’t see why they would be called that,” Cuomo said. “If they wanted to be truthful and useful, where were they during the acrimony of acidic policies like the travel ban and the kids in cages?”

Cuomo contended that the name only mattered if it was “a big shot” official, since that would indicate “how far the rot has traveled in the White House.”

While the Times maintained it was necessary to go public with the op-ed to show readers a crucial perspective, Cuomo also appeared to find fault with the outlet, arguing Bob Woodward‘s forthcoming book on the Trump administration already did the same thing, rendering the editorial redundant.

“Why do it now?” he wondered. “To affirm the findings in the book? Was it done now to affect the election?”

But the ultimate question, Cuomo said, had to be asked by the president himself.

“Why does he think the white House leaks as much as it does?” he asked. “Why does he think a top-notch journalist [Woodward] could fill 450 pages?”

On figuring out who wrote it, Cuomo simply wished the administration luck.

“The place is a sieve,” he warned. “The list of possibilities is a a dozen long for a reason.”

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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