Right Wing Radio Host Michael Savage Rips Conservative Trump Adoration: ‘To Too Many People..He’s a Demigod’


Far Right podcast host and author Michael Savage

Right-wing talker Michael Savage is far to the right, and very rarely mentioned by mainstream press, but he’s in the New York Times this week for bashing his audience and others on the right over their devotion to Donald Trump. He finds it embarrassing, he says, that so much of his audience treats Trump like a “demigod.”

As the Times notes, Savage is no Rush Limbaugh. He’s not even a Sean Hannity, and he airs on Westwood podcasts these days. But unlike the big names, Savage, maybe the earliest supporter of Trump for president, occasionally has criticism for the administration or its policy. And his audience is not down with that, apparently.

Savage isn’t criticizing Trump from the center or the left, as many conservative or Republican “NeverTrump” are accused of doing. But it doesn’t make a difference to the devoted, he told NYT’s Jeremy W. Peters.

“Read my lips: no new immigrants,” Mr. Savage said one recent day, taking a swipe at what he says is just one of the president’s major unfulfilled promises.

But his skeptical take is not something many of his 7.5 million weekly listeners seem to want to hear as the president prepares to kick off his re-election campaign Tuesday with a rally in Florida.

It’s not just the listeners, though. He broadens it to right wing media at large.

“To too many people he’s not a human being, he’s a demigod,” Mr. Savage said one afternoon after wrapping up a broadcast from his home studio, which sits on a hilltop overlooking San Francisco Bay. This especially includes his colleagues in the conservative media, he said. “It’s embarrassing to listen to some of these people.”

The article describes some of the phone calls from listeners taking issue with Savage criticizing Trump over immigration and other topics. Savage was surprised, says the NYT, by his audience not just lacking criticism, but being unwilling to even question or “second-guess” any Trump move.

“I don’t think they care very much about issues,” he said of his listeners, with a hint of disappointment. “They’ll vote for him no matter what because he’s not ‘them.’ I think it’s come down to ‘them’ or ‘us.'”

Savage has long been a controversial talker on the right, generally treated in the press as a “shock-jock”, a crank, or worse. He was barred from entering the UK as an extremist in 2009 for his views. He’s been boycotted, condemned by the Autism United foundation for saying most kids diagnosed with autism are just “brats,” and many other controversies. Today, however, a thoughtful piece at the New York Times weighs and considers his take.

It’s a take that can only come from someone deeply on the right, though, a perspective from the inside looking out. And that perspective, from one of Trump’s earliest and biggest supporters, is that the Trump fandom isn’t as invested in their own views on even the most closely-held issues like immigration as they are simply and immovably devoted to the man himself, the “demigod.”

It may be rare that a place like the New York Times would give any credence to a theory from Michael Savage, but it could hardly come from any source more well-positioned as eyewitness.

It should be noted that on his website, Savage seems take issue with the story and how it covered him, though it does not say why or how.

Nor did his tweet.

His latest podcast isn’t out yet, but he may be planning to gainsay or retract some of what he said, or he could be taking issue with their characterization of him as a “lightning rod” for “infamous controversies.”

You can read the entire New York Times article by Jeremy W. Peters here. It’s fascinating, even with grains of salt.

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