The Daily Show Files ‘Aged News’ From Iran


Just days after The Daily Show broadcast correspondent Jason Jones‘ visit to the “walking colonial Williamsburg” otherwise known as the New York Times offices — during which Jones asked one editor to explain why “aged news is better than real news” and trumpeted the ‘more fun to read’ and profitable* news sites such as HuffPo — the show is filing some aged news of its own!

All this week The Daily Show is featuring the very same Jason Jones “live” from Iran; you may have seen one of his early (and arguably less stale) pieces last Friday. The Times reported this development on their Arts Beat blog under the hed “Daily Show Sends Reporter to Iran.” Dig a little deeper however and you will soon realize that it’s not so much ‘sends’ as sent.

Turns out Jones actually did go to Iran “over 10 days in late May and early June” during which time the reports were taped. Which is great! We think it’s great when fake news providers follow the lead of expensive, serious ones, with real foreign bureaus (for now) and actually travel to the source! Albeit 10 days too early to catch the action, or say, reunite with Times managing editor Bill Keller who has been filing stories from there this week, under increasingly difficult circumstances. But ‘fun’ news nonetheless. And no doubt, profitable. Also? Aged.

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