Democratic Senate Candidate: ‘An Undocumented Immigrant Is Not a Criminal’

ag-kamala-harris-officialCalifornia Democratic Attorney General Kamala Harris told a group of Hispanic supporters earlier this week that someone who has engaged in illegal immigration “is not a criminal.”

Harris is favored by a wide margin in Senate race in the deep blue state, but her Democratic opponent Loretta Sanchez has been polling better with Hispanics. Accordingly, The Sacremento Bee reports that Harris has been making a full-court press for the Latino vote in the final days of the election.

The Bee reports that Harris’ comment was not a one-off pronouncement, but has become a standard campaign line. Harris is also citing her work defending sanctuary cities and her work “organizing legal services for unaccompanied minors during the Central American refugee crises.”

Harris’ play for Latino voters has also included working brief snippets of (grammatically incorrect) Spanish into her speeches, including at a Los Angeles meeting when she “warmly referred to those assembled as ‘mi amigos.’”

[Image via State of California Department of Justice]

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