Donna Brazile Says She Hasn’t Spoken to Hillary Since February: ‘She’s Not On My Speed Dial’

Making the media rounds to promote her new book Hacks, former interim Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile appeared on The View today to discuss some of the juiciest revelations in the 2016 election memoir.

After claiming she didn’t use the word “rigged” in her book — something that was fact-checked by the book itself — Brazile was asked if she had been in recent contact with former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“Have you spoken to Hillary since?” co-host Joy Behar asked, following an impassioned Brazile soliloquy in which she exclaimed she wanted to get Clinton elected and that she wasn’t going to sit there and be a figurehead.

“Of course I did. I said that in the book,” the ex-party chair responded. “I spoke to her in February.”

Behar pointed out that seems like a “long time,” leading Brazile to provide a reason why it had been nine months since they last spoke.

“You know, I never spoke to Hillary — look, she’s not on my speed dial,” Brazile stated. “I love her now.”

She continued, bringing up how she didn’t want the DNC top job last summer: “Let me just say this, I gave up everything last year when I got that phone call, I did not want that phone call. If there was ever a time I should have said I’ll stay unemployed, but that’s not who I am. I’m a fighter. I’m never a first choice but I’m the person you call in to clean up the mess.”

Watch the clip above, via ABC.

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