Federal Investigators Spied On New York Times Reporter James Risen

Federal authorities have been delving, deeply, into the personal activities of Pulitzer-winning New York Times reporter James Risen in their investigation to discover who leaked information to Risen about a CIA attempt to disrupt Iran’s nuclear program – information Risen wrote about in his 2006 book State of War.

Former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling is currently on trial for allegedly disclosing classified information to Risen, including the agency’s plan to hand Iran incorrect nuclear blueprints. The prosecution in Sterling’s case, say his lawyers, have so far looked into Risen’s phone record, a list of his flights, his three credit reports, credit card statements and banking information. Risen, who has said the investigation makes him feel like “a target of spying,” joked to Politico that “Maybe I should ask them what my credit score is.”

Risen has already been subpoenaed twice in an effort to get him to testify about his sources, and says he was never notified that his phone records were being searched. It has also been reported that Risen’s email and phone conversations with Sterling were recorded by the government while Risen was doing research for his book. The author steadfastly refused to help with the investigation to indict Sterling.

Risen, who is named solely as “Author A” in the indictment, and his lawyers are arguing that he has been “a victim of harassment by the government.”

h/t Politico

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