Fugitive Agrees to Be Photographed for Newspaper’s Redskins Article, Gets Caught

A New York bail-skipper was arrested recently after police recognized his picture in the paper.

This sounds like plain bad luck, until it was revealed that Jacob Close agreed to be photographed by the Bloomsburg Press Enterprise as part of their “Your Opinion” feature, in which ordinary joes sound off on issues of the day. (For how long has the Onion been mocking this feature?) Close was asked his opinion about the Washington Football Team’s racist name, and said he thought the name should be kept but the mascot replaced with a potato.

Gaze ye upon this screencap, via Jim Romenesko:

Close had jumped bail on a drunk driving charge several years prior. Police arrested him at the Bloomsburg University’s student rec center Sunday and took him back to Ithica, where he now faces $25,000 bail.

Moral of the story: this Redskins controversy is just toxic.

[h/t Romenesko]

[Image via screengrab]

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