George Conway Goes on Massive Tweetstorm Mocking Trump’s ‘Glowing Reviews from the British Media’ Claim


Kellyanne Conway‘s husband is at it again, and he’s very skeptical of President Donald Trump‘ claim to have been favorably covered by the British media during his trip to the United Kingdom.

Trump parroted Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday morning by tweeting out a quote about how warmly the British media received him. He also took the opportunity to bash CNN and Rachel Maddow.

Enter George Conway, who countered that Trump’s press coverage during his state visit was…less than glowing.

From there, Mr. Conway embarked on a massive tweetstorm in which he highlighted very unflattering bits of coverage from a plethora of British news sources. Here’s a sample of the stories Conway chose to bring up.

Conway also gave air to Sadiq Khan‘s recent op-ed, the one that caused Trump to attack the London mayor for comparing him to 20th century fascist autocrats.

He concluded by remarking that if this was just what print outlets had to say about Trump, its hard to imagine that his TV coverage was all that great.

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