Activist Admits She Lied About Rapists’ Ethnicity to Avoid ‘More Hatred Against Migrants’

GorenA German rape victim admitted in an interview with Der Spiegel that she lied about her rapists’ ethnicities because she wanted to avoid sparking a backlash against refugees.

In January, Selin Gören was attacked by three men in the city of Mannheim and forced to perform a sex act. Gören, who works as a refugee activist and as spokeswoman of the left-wing organization Solid, told police her attackers spoke German and were a “mixed group” of foreigners and locals.

But twelve hours later, Gören returned to the police to admit she lied; her attackers were all foreigners and they were actually speaking Arabic and Farsi.

Gören explained she wanted to avoid the controversy caused when a group of migrants, reportedly of Arabic and North African origins, sexually assaulted and robbed over a hundred people on New Year’s Eve in Cologne. “What really hurts me is that it is a fact that the sexist and over the line incident that happened to me will inevitably lead to more aggression and racism,” she wrote on her Facebook page, in a now-deleted post.

[Image via screengrab/Facebook]
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