Glenn Beck’s Strangely Titled New Novel Previewed On His Chalkboard Last Month


Glenn Beck is writing a novel for grown-ups. He has already penned the children’s book A Christmas Sweater (the inspiration for which he may have been wearing the other day). According to Amazon the book is set to be published this June. Alas, there is no cover pic yet available, however, via Will Bunch, comes the title, The Overton Window, and this description:

…The Overton Window, which [Beck] described as “a story of America in a time much like today where the people are confused,” with a government in crisis and the rise of a citizens’ group called the Founders Keepers, which “leads to a battle and a civil war, and life is upside-down planetwide.”

And chalkboards are secretly weapons of mass destruction? Just guessing. Meanwhile, in a move that is both genius and likely infuriating (to those pipe-smoking “intellectuals,” anyway) Beck appropriated the title ‘Overton Window’ from a popular political concept defined thusly by Wikipedia: “The technique relies on people promoting ideas even less acceptable than the previous “outer fringe” ideas. That makes those old fringe ideas look less extreme, and thereby acceptable.” Hmm, sound like an apt description of some recent perception shifts at a certain network?

It’s unclear when Beck stumbled on the theory, but he spent some quality chalkboard time explaining it last month (Feb 23, to be exact). Of course when Beck explains it, it is an evil secret plan of the Progressives put to use in order to pass HCR. So, perhaps best to apply Beck’s “life is upside-down planetwide” scenario in this particular case. Video below.

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