GOP Senators Ask Whether FBI Singled Out Dinesh D’Souza for Campaign Fraud

In a letter sent to the FBI today, four GOP senators questioned why the agency targeted Dinesh D’Souza, the conservative pundit and filmmaker accused of campaign finance fraud.

Sens. Chuck Grassley, Jeff Sessions, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz asked the FBI to explain the practices leading to D’Souza’s indictment, and demanded to know whether the process that caught him was truly random or the result of him being targeted, likely for his political beliefs.

“The Washington Post and other news outlets reported that the U.S. Attorney’s Office said that the investigation that led to the [D’Souza] indictment began as a result of a ‘routine review by the FBI of campaign filings with the FEC of various candidates after the 2012 election,'” the senators wrote, according to the Washington Examiner. “The articles, however, did not provide any details regarding the scope and methodology of these routine reviews.”

Nominally, the senators’ demand for an investigation seeks to “dispel this sort of public perception that Mr. D’Souza may have been targeted because of his outspoken criticisms of the president,” they wrote. “It is important for the FBI to be transparent regarding the precise origin of this investigation.”

[The Washington Examiner]

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