‘Got Stumps?’ Poorly-Placed Ad Asks over News Article About Amputee

Um… yeah, there’s no way to really describe the front page of this Sunday’s print edition of the Anchorage Daily News, except it involved a Post-It and an amputee. But you sure as hell can look at it and cringe:

To be fair to the owner of that poor tree stump removal company, he booked the ad a year ago, and certainly didn’t intend for the ad to run over an article about an inspirational triathlete who lost her leg in a car accident.

“Someone wasn’t thinking,” Carl Bramante told Jim Romenesko, adding that he only learned about the unfortunate ad placement when his friends started texting him.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the person who ran this ad wrote “REMINDER: do NOT put stump ad on amputee article” on a Post-It and then lost it? It really would be.

[Featured image via Jim Romenesko]

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