Is It Safe to Read This Mediaite Article?

Apparently lots of Western Massachusetts residents are curious whether they can eat the snow that’s been dumped on their lawns this winter. That’s the only logical explanation for why WWL-22 News ran a hilarious article asking and answering: “Is it safe to eat the snow?

Of course, it could also be a smart SEO play for all the eponymous Google searches that very likely exist, given the internet’s track record for asking bizarre questions. Even then, it shows that many people are curious about whether snow can be made into a meal.

“Believe it or not, snow is actually a pretty safe thing to eat,” the reporter noted. “The freshest snow is always going to be the cleanest, because the wind can blow a thin layer of dirt on top of it within about a day or two.”

“[Y]ou also shouldn’t eat any snow that isn’t white,” the article continued, fulfilling its journalistic duty to warn you away from the yellow and brown snow patches.

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Happy Friday, everyone!

[h/t Garrett Quinn]

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