Joe Biden Says $#!% In Candid Interview With GQ Magazine

While former vice-presidential loser Sarah Palin takes up considerable real estate in high-profile corners of media, the vice-presidential winner largely gets treated like a loser. But lately he’s been out there setting things straight in The Atlantic, on Morning Joe, and now in GQ. In an interview titled “$#!% Joe Biden Says,” the veep discusses everything from high-school girls to 2012 to double-dating with the Obamas.

The article finds “The Great Talker” eager to keep the ball rolling. He took strides to combat the popular notion that the Obama administration has lost its luster. To make this point, he turns to high-school romance:

I really don’t think the hope is gone. I don’t think the majority of the American people think the hope is gone. What they’re looking for is reassurance. You know what it’s a little bit like? You ask the girl out in high school, and it didn’t work out, and you’re really excited about this next person, but you’re just not sure.… “I got turned down by Mary; do I want to ask Lisa? Tell me, is there a reason to be hopeful here?” So it’s not that they’ve given up. I think you’re seeing increasing confidence growing in people, saying, “We are moving in the right direction.” But the other thing I think is that people are pretty smart. They know this isn’t gonna happen quickly.

As such, he doesn’t see his team in danger of losing the White House in 2012:

I really don’t think there’s many people right now who think that Barack and I aren’t more likely to win reelection than not. Which is kind of a window. Nothing’s certain. I’m not saying we’re… But, if you notice, it’s all about this election now, which it should be, and it’s usually not extrapolated into, “Well, the Republicans are gonna win in 2012.” And part of that is because intuitively people know we started moving in the right direction. We got this thing rolling. It’s not there yet for a lot of people. It also is there for a lot of people.

As for what his role will be in 2012, Biden swatted away speculation as to whether he and Hillary Clinton would pull a switcheroo. “Noooo,” he apparently said, assuring DePaulo that he’s already discussed the matter with Obama himself.

In fact, he and Obama discuss all sorts of things—sometimes while on double-dates.

Well, actually, we double-date in a bizarre way. We double-date where it affects our kids and my grandkids. Let me give you an example. Every Saturday morning, in basketball season, my little number three granddaughter, Maisy, is on the same basketball team as Sasha. So what we’ll do is, we’ll call and say, “Are you going to the game?” and so we’ll end up, the four of us—Jill, me and Michelle and Barack—in a gymnasium…and there’ll be like 8,000 Secret Service agents and us sittin’ there, and everybody is like, Whoa.

Cute. Read the interview in its (disappointingly) gaffe-free entirety over at GQ.

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