Joe Scarborough Defends NYT’s Bari Weiss After Erroneous Piece: You’re ‘A Free Speech Champion’


Following Bari Weiss’ rough day yesterday, in which she penned an erroneous opinion piece on the campus left that received a wave of online hate, fellow Iraq War-supporting New York City pundit Joe Scarborough defended the New York Times writer by suggesting she is “a free speech champion.”

The Weiss piece, titled “We’re All Fascists Now,” makes the claim that the young left-of-center movement in America today does not believe in free speech “at all.” However, to justify her narrative, Weiss used parody tweets from an alt-right run “Antifa” troll account to show that leftists accused campus speaker Dave Rubin of being anti-LGBTQ, despite him actually being a gay “liberal.”

The Times was forced to correct the use of the troll page in Weiss’ reporting, but that didn’t stop Scarborough from showing her love on today’s airing of Morning Joe:

“You look at the attacks against you. You’re talking about free speech, and you were attacked of course after this column for trying to inhibit free speech at Columbia when, in fact, you were praised for actually being a free speech champion. And trying to get more voices out there. But still, you were attacked and people tried to stifle your voice after writing this column.”

Weiss says she handles the haters by trying “not to look,” as she — a self-described supporter of the Iraq War and “outspoken Zionist” — decried being mislabeled a “neocon, McCarthyite, and alt-right before it was cool.”

Co-anchor Willie Geist pressed Weiss on her mistake, calling out her use of “a fake account.”

“I made a mistake and I corrected it, which is what we do in the newspaper business, and I apologized immediately as soon as I saw it,” replied Weiss — who, incidentally, was criticized last month for refusing to apologize after wrongfully labeling an American-born U.S. Olympian of Asian descent an “immigrant.”

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