Jon Stewart Gashes His Hand With Broken Glass During Tonight’s Daily Show Taping

We can finally count the first physical injury in the aftermath of the scandal known as “Weinergate.” During the taping of tonight’s Daily Show, host Jon Stewart broke a glass in the middle of a segment about embattled Congressman (and old friend) Anthony Weiner and bled visibly onstage, halting the filming temporarily. Stewart bandaged his hand, finished the show, and Comedy Central says the show will air in its entirety tonight.

The news initially spread on Twitter as audience members alerted their friends to the news, and the Wall Street Journal just confirmed it:

Stewart broke a glass and gashed his hand while taping a Weiner skit on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.” The taping was briefly stopped so a bleeding Stewart could get medical attention, then resumed after he was bandaged up. Network spokesman Steve Albani said the accident was left in Tuesday’s show.

Mediaite will have a recap of the segment after it airs later tonight.

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