Magazine Exec Compares Outrage Over Esquire Cover to ‘Bone Saw’ Murder of Jamal Khashoggi


Harper’s Magazine Vice President of Marketing and Communications Giulia Melucci is getting blasted on Twitter for comparing outrage over Esquire‘s March cover with the murder and dismemberment of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Esquire has been heavily criticized and memed for a cover story featuring the plight of a young, white, “American Boy” for it’s March issue, but which was released in the middle of Black History Month.

But on Tuesday evening, Melucci — whose Twitter account is not verified, but has been active since 2009 — leapt to defend the magazine in the most absurdly macabre of terms:

Remarkably, Melucci not only didn’t back down in the face of intense criticism, she spent the next twenty hours or so digging in:

As I’m sure somebody on Twitter pointed out somewhere, the goal of bonesaw-wielding murderers is murder, whereas generally speaking, the goal of criticism is to encourage the criticizee to do better.

As of this writing, Melucci is still at it, but Karen Attiah, Khashoggi’s Washington Post editor, appears to have had the last word:

Perhaps the intactness of Melucci’s bones following this barrage of criticism will serve as its own lesson.

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