Major Garrett on Differences Between Fox News and National Journal Jobs

Since his seemingly sudden exit from Fox News in August, National Journal Hill correspondent Major Garrett has been keeping himself very busy, and to hear him tell it, having the time of his life. He took time out of that busy schedule to catch Mediaite readers up on all things Garrett. In this segment of our exclusive interview, Major talks about shifting gears, from cable TV to print, and describes the main differences between the two jobs.

Major Garrett is that rarest of journalistic creature (particularly last year), the one who leaves television of his own volition. There are even fewer who have the chops to make the transition to the rigors of a print publication like The National Journal, and on the labyrinthine Congressional beat, to boot. (I would argue, though, that the White House beat attracts reporters who are a cut above, no matter the medium).

So, what makes a guy say to himself, “Yeah, I wanna work much harder, for less money?” While some might be tempted to call in a team of cranial inspectors, the answer is really quite simple. He cares about journalism, and he loves what he’s doing. That should be evident form this portion of our exclusive interview, wherein he discusses his new role, and contrasts it with his old one:

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