Maureen Dowd: Obama ‘Slacking Off and Playing Golf,’ ‘Coasting into Irrelevance’

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd is back again with one of those op-eds fiercely critical of President Barack Obama.

Dowd writes Wednesday that Obama is “slacking off” on his job.

“Right now, his story is the boring — and bored — president who can’t get Congress to do anything and is just coasting into irrelevance,” Dowd writes. “After taking big risks early in his presidency, with health care and the bin Laden raid, he seemed to sink into disgust at the gnarled system, slacking off and playing golf.”

The way Obama can fix all this, Dowd argues, is to hope for Republicans in Congress to impeach him. “It would endear him to Democrats for years to come,” she says, “because he lost the highest office in the land going to bat for them. They would finally forgive Obama for running for president — twice — when he scorned politics.”

Dowd says impeachment would be beneficial for Republicans, too, with a dig at former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin: “Republicans could finally take on Obama to a degree that would make their crazed base happy — or as happy as this begrudging, seething crowd and their mindless, malcontent queen, Sarah Palin, are capable of being.”

[Image via New York Times]

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