McConnell Pledges to Support Tea Party Opponent if He Wins GOP Nod

The Kentucky GOP, sensing a bitter primary battle between Sen. Mitch McConnell and Tea Party candidate Matt Bevin, asked the two candidates to sign a pledge promising to support each other’s campaigns, no matter who wins. While McConnell’s jumped on board wholeheartedly, there’s been no signs from Bevin yet.

“From day one, Sen. McConnell has committed to supporting the winner of the primary election,” a spokesman told the Lexington Herald-Reader, adding that “the stakes of this election are too high to give President Obama another vote in the U.S. Senate with Alison Lundergan Grimes,” the likely Democrat nominee.

Keep in mind this article ran two days ago (April 29th), and Bevin has yet to sign the pledge, dodging any commitment when asked about it during a campaign stop yesterday. This may be because 1) he’s an outsider candidate, and 2) he’s an outsider candidate who may have a lot of money, but is still losing: the latest polls show him trailing McConnell by 17 points.

The primary is less than three weeks away, giving Bevin that much time to make up his mind.

[h/t TPM]
[Image via Jonathan Ernst/Reuters]

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