Megyn Kelly Smacks Down Reporter for Quoting Bill Maher, ‘Who Refers to Women as the C-Word’


megynDespite the possibility that Megyn Kelly may exit Fox News, the network’s star anchor still has a fierce protective streak where her colleagues are concerned. In an interview with Time magazine, Kelly delivered a fairly stern smackdown to reporter Phillip Elliott when he shopped a quote from comedian and commentator Bill Maher that took aim at her Fox News stablemates:

Last summer Bill Maher made a joke about you. “We think Megyn Kelly is the sane one over there at Fox News. That’s because she’s surrounded by Hannity and O’Reilly. She’s the blonde girl on Game of Thrones. Everyone else is a zombie or a dwarf or sleeping with their sister,” a paraphrase there, “so she looks normal.” Do you ever get nervous when you look around your network?

Nervous? No. I don’t understand the question.

Bill was making the point that you have firebrands like Hannity, people like O’Reilly, and you come out looking sane and reasonable by comparison. Do you worry about the network’s reputation?

No. Nor do I think a criticism from a man who refers to women as the c-word should wind up in a TIME piece. You’re putting yourself out there if you want to use that.

I think Fox News is just like any news organization in that we have editorial and we have news. There is nobody who would mistake Bret Baier or Bill Hemmer or Shep Smith or yours truly for Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity. And I think Bill and Sean get so much attention is because it’s very rare to have strong conservatives on TV, even in today’s day and age. And they are an anomaly still, even after the Fox News Channel has been in existence for going on 20 years.

You know, would you ask that question of Savannah Guthrie, you know, when she was doing the 9 a.m. over on MSNBC? We’re not MSNBC. But nobody ever asks that when the commentators are left-leaning. We get that at Fox because the right-leaning commentators are a problem for certain reporters, and they feel the need to ask straight news journalists whether they want to be associated with that. In my view, that is your bias talking. That says nothing about Fox or me.

Maher has not only used the epithet Kelly referenced, but has defended its use. However, there are also many people who haven’t used the c-word who would make a similar criticism, or even broaden it to include not just ideology, but perspective and accuracy.

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