Newspaper Writes Fake Obituary for Rival, Claims He Died of AIDS

A fantastically bitchy, state-owned Chinese newspaper ran an ad mocking the owner of its rival by printing a fake obituary of the man, tweaking some of his biographical details save two: 1) that he died, and 2) that he died from AIDS.

The Oriental Daily‘s ad “mirrored that of real obituaries in Hong Kong media,” according to the AP, and detailed the life and death of Jimmy Lai, the 65-year-old owner of pro-democracy media outlet Apple Daily. While they tweaked his name by one character, it said he was the owner of “Two Media” (he owns One Media) and was nicknamed “Fatty Lai.” (They also accused two members of his family of having AIDS.)

Unfortunately for them, Lai, whose company also owns the Taiwanese animation group that does those hilarious news videos, is still very much alive, and released a video confirming his not-having-AIDS:

The video intersperses cartoon images with shots of Lai filming himself, selfie-style. The plot has Lai being taken to the afterlife by traditional Chinese gods of the underworld but sent back because his name doesn’t match.

“This joke isn’t good enough because I still don’t have AIDS,” Lai says. “If you want me to die, you’ll have to keep cursing me.”

The day that MSNBC runs a package mourning the loss of Rupert Murdoch to the deadly Ebola virus (“All his guts flew out of his butt”), we will be done with Mediaite.

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