NY Post Cover Shows Appalling Image of James Foley About to Be Beheaded

You can’t really say the New York Post has hit a new low, as it ordinarily resides in a substratum so far down as stymy measurement. But even that can’t account for this morning’s cover, which features a screengrab of the moment just before an ISIS member beheads journalist James Foley under the headline “SAVAGES!”

Foley, a journalist who reported from the Middle East, was captured in Syria in 2012. ISIS released video of his alleged beheading yesterday as a warning to further American incursion into Iraq.

The video was quickly taken down by YouTube, but upon its release journalists quickly urged each other and the rest of the media not to pass along the video or images from it to avoid spreading ISIS propaganda. Twitter began suspended accounts of users who shared the gruesome images Tuesday night, leading some to wonder Wednesday whether it would suspend the Post.

Mediaite will not display the Post cover, but it’s here, if you’ve gotta look. In the meantime, let’s return to simpler days, like yesterday, when all the Post was doing was telling women to suck it up and accept their objectification like slaves.

[Image via screengrab]

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