NY Post‘s ‘Real Mayors Of NJ’ Map Funnest New Way To Keep Up With Jersey Corruption

New Jersey isn’t a state particularly known for its squeaky-clean politics, to the point that keeping up with which public official got arrested this week or the other can be quite a headache. To that end, this Sunday’s New York Post put together a laugh-to-avoid-crying infographic and short list of all the must-know corrupt mayors in the state– from bribe-takers to extortionists to hackers– in handy map form.

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The report, comically entitled “Real Mayors of New Jersey,” travels up and down the state chronicling some of the more recent scandals in the state, from Cory Booker predecessor Sharpe James selling Newark city property to his mistress to Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano who lasted 23 days in office before getting caught taking a $25,000 bribe. As the Post explains, “over the past seven years, 16 Jersey mayors — 12 Democrats, four Republicans — have been arrested by the feds for accepting bribes, burying dirty cash in their back yards, even forging dinner receipts.”

This map won’t help you get anywhere in New Jersey in any literal way, but it is a perfect primer for non-Jersians on our state’s most illustrious failed politicians and how quickly they got caught– and, in a subtle way, a respectful tip of the hat to the great men and women who work to keep New Jersey as politically clean as possible, and do a pretty great job of catching and stopping corruption. The New York Post‘s detailed corruption map below:

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